Boosts FAQ

"Boosting" - What is it?

Boosting will be a new way to support the server and get something "different", for example if you are not interested in the skins you can buy for Radio Coins. With Boosting you buy temporary boosts which you can activate in a grid of your choice! Important: The respective effect is active for everyone in the grid, also players who join later, additionally a message appears in the Discord & Ingame if you activate a boost for a grid!

- What kind of boosts can i choose from?

For the introduction of boosts we limited ourselves to - Harvesting x1,5 - XP x2,0 - Taming x2,0

- How far does a boost reach?

A boost is active for all players in the grid & bound to the grid, so it will keep running regardless if you travel to another grid, log out, or similar.

-How do I select the grid for the boost?

It is automatically the grid you are in when you activate the boost item (E-key).

- How long does a boost last?

Boosts always run for exactly 4 hours, they can be "stacked", if someone else activates a harvesting boost after you did, the time is automatically extended!

- What should be considered ?

Boosts continue to work even in case of a crash / restart, since they run by ingame time, no time is lost, except for your login-time! In the polar regions you should only activate boosts when there is no polar night, otherwise it could be that the boost doesn't stack!!!

- How do I get boosts?

Boosts will be directly available in our donation store, you will get an item instead of RadioCoins, which activates the boost as soon as you consume it (Key: E)

- How will the boosts be priced?

Boosts will cost 10€ / Boost, since this is an event that you can activate when it suits you best, we think this price is reasonable. Of course, as with any "purchase", the support of the server and our modding is in the foreground. The Boost should serve as another choice of the "thank you"!

- Are Boost a first step into p2w?

Absolutely not, Boosts benefit the whole Community, everyone can use it & enjoy it. We view it as a good means to help us covering the costs of the servers & providing such a fair & nice environment for everyone! The only advanted the Booster has, that he chooses when to activate a Boost, which he could ofc time perfectly for himself.